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Print sale instructions listed below.

Print Sale Instructions

1. Pick your photo from the print sale gallery. Below each photo will be a label. (ie, California #1, Colorado #5, Washington #4, etc.)

2. Email me via the contact page on my website - - letting me know the following: 

- Which photo you want

- What size you want (4x6, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, +)

- What type of material (Glossy, Matte, Canvas, Metal, etc.) If none is specified I will order a glossy print.

- Where you want it printed from (if you have a preference)

- Any other additional comments or questions

3. I’ll email you a receipt/invoice, then you pay via Venmo or PayPal (Venmo is preferred).

4. I place your print order and the print(s) are shipped straight to you.

5. You have new beautiful wall art!

Let's get some prints rolling!

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